The Solid Gold…That Never Was

I’m Back…Again

So…hey there. (Smiles sheepishly but waves enthusiastically while wondering if anyone still remembers me…) Hope you’ve all been healthy, happy, and staying reasonably sane through the chaos that is still our world. As for me, all is surprisingly well. But after having disappeared from the blogosphere over four months ago, I wasn’t sure how I should step back in. Catch you up to date? Or just pretend like the whole disappearing act never happened?

But honestly, there’s nothing new to tell; you’ve heard it all before. It’s simply been more of the same, me taking wrong turns before … Continue reading

Fruity Chia Seed Jam & Confessions of an Emoji Addict

fruity chia seed jam

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I started drafting this post way back in March. But then things started happening in our world, and week after week it was pushed aside in favor of something more pressing. Until now, when it’s feeling like maybe the time has finally come. So let me try this again. But you might want to wish me luck, because who knows how close the next change of 2020 looms. Based on the pattern, my guess is close. Very close.

A Million Times Over

I … Continue reading

Almond Butter & The Storms Before the Calm

Creamy Almond Butter

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Year of the Rat

I was only five days into January when I realized that 2020 was going to be a pivotal year for me. I actually sensed the changes coming even before the ball had officially dropped, but January 5th quickly confirmed the feelings. And then, so did the days of February…and March…and April. Some pretty significant changes arrived in May, too. And not to be outdone, June’s been working on … Continue reading