DIY Stamped Spoons

DIY Stamped Spoons

The bad news: if you don’t have the supplies for these DIY Stamped Spoons, then I have to tell you, it’s not exactly cheap.

The good news: if you have the supplies already, it’s one of the cheapest!

You’re Covered

Whether you want to personalize the utensils with names, quotes, verses, or dates, they make perfect gifts for almost anything. Wedding? Birthday? Housewarming? Baby shower? You’re covered! You can keep them for display purposes, or you can use them like regular spoons and forks. If you choose to use ink in the letters, it will eventually fade out from repeated washings, but they still look amazing, even without the stark definition!

Note: a lot of people just use silver-plated flatware when stamping; not only are they softer and easier to work with, they also tend to be fancier in appearance. But, personally, I didn’t want to be limited to silver-plated pieces (if you can’t find them at a thrift shop then they can be incredibly expensive!), so I invested in a set of ImpressArt Premium Stamps in the Newsprint style. They can work with much tougher metals, like stainless steel, so they’re safe to use with any spoon you can find!

  • ImpressArt Premium Stamps
  • Steel bench block
  • Spoon(s)
  • Masking tape
  • Hammer
  • Sharpie
  • Jewelry tarnish cloth
Metal Stamping Station
Metal Stamping Station

Once you have your spoon (or fork) picked out, set up your work station. I started out just working in my basement, where we have a cement floor (a stable work space, plus the noise was much quieter down there!), but then I decided to set up a space in my room (because I’d rather work in natural lighting).

I stacked a few cinder blocks and covered them in fabric, which has worked out perfectly. It’s a nice height to sit at (if you don’t mind sitting on the floor) and it’s sturdy.

Problem Solved
Stamp Prep
Stamp Prep

When I first jumped into stamping my two biggest problems were that

  1. the spoon would shift on the stamping block
  2. the stamp would shift on the spoon

To solve my problems I fold a piece of tape under the head of spoon (sticky side up) on the stamping block to hold my piece in place, and I also stick a small piece to the face of spoon, where I’ll be stamping. Not only does this help keep the stamps in place, it’s also useful because you can mark where the letters will go beforehand, instead of winging it and hoping for the best!

Stamping Tips

DIY Stamped Spoons

When you have everything ready, take your first stamp and hold it firmly and straight on the spoon. Make sure you hammer straight down on the stamp; if your hit is straight then the stamp shouldn’t move at all, if it’s crooked then the stamp may shift.

It’s best to use one, semi-hard hit of the hammer to get the first indent of the letter, though I suggest finding something that you don’t want to keep to practice on first, because different metals stamp much differently! From there, if needed, you can tilt the stamp and give it a couple more whacks to deepen any part of the letter that turned out too shallow. Just make sure to keep the stamp in the same place so that you don’t end up with unwanted marks or double letters. Unlike Bob Ross, you can’t really have “happy accidents” in this project!

Finishing up
Peel Off the Tape
Peel Off the Tape

Peel the tape off and make sure that there isn’t any tape stuck in the letters (if there is, you can use a needle to scrape it out).

Highlighting Letters
Highlight Letters
Highlight Letters

Color in the letters with a black sharpie and wipe the extra away with your jewelry cloth.

And there you have it, that’s it! Simple right? If it’s your first time stamping, your thumb might be a little sore, because, chances are, you’re holding the stamps a little tighter than necessary (believe me, I know!). But once you get the hang of it, it’s a fairly quick and easy project. I gave Bible verse spoons as Christmas presents a couple years back; gender-neutral gifts that can be used and admired at the same time!

ImpressArt Stamp Set

To further your possibilities, you can also get these stamps in an uppercase set and a number set, so you can use them for just about anything!

For more of my tutorials, please visit my DIY page!

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  1. I love this idea Jordan – so creative – I’m going to try it – for sure . I have some silver spoons put aside that I wanted to learn how to do jewelry with.

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