Review – Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket

Review Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket

Hello, everyone! Since this is my first post, I thought that I should probably introduce myself. If you’re not into the whole let’s-be-friends thing, feel free to scroll past this unnecessary, although good-natured, introduction.

Anyways, my name’s Riley Mae, and here’s a brief overview of me (know these facts and you pretty much know everything about me).

1. I’m an amateur birder

Species on camera: 60

Latest: red-breasted nuthatch

2. I’m an amateur horticulturist

What? Me, a Latin snob? Never.

3. I’m an amateur artist

My mom likes my stuff.

4. I’m an amateur knitter

I’ve been knitting since I was eight, but I still haven’t made a sweater yet, which is kind of like the coming-of-age ceremony in the knitting community. Whoops.

5. I’m an amateur chef

I like to cook; I really do. It’s not my fault that I burned the last cabbage—the colorful swirl of feathers at the feeder distracted me.

Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket
Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket

Several years ago, I found a jacket in a thrift store. It was a short, red, cotton peacoat (with only a few loose threads!) and I snatched it up right away. It was the first fashionable coat I’d ever owned, and I wore it for years. And even after I went on my sustainable clothing revolution, I hung onto that little gem for a while.

Now the main reason for this was that I didn’t have enough money to buy an organic coat… actually, that’s the only reason. So instead, I pinned a real beauty to my Pinterest board, and every once in a while, I’d go there and just admire it. And I’d imagine myself wearing it—walking quaintly through an orchard perhaps; or picking out a perfect pumpkin for carving. Well, all that visualization paid off, because I finally got my jacket: Fair Indigo’s Fleece Favorite Jacket, to be exact (a long name for a small piece). While its thrift store counterpart served me well, I am extremely pleased that my eco closet has now extended as far as outerwear.  And anyway, I don’t think red’s really my color.

Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket
Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket
Meet Fair Indigo

Now before I try to convince you all to throw out your old autumn jacket (Joking! Make sure you donate that beautiful piece of fabric) and replace it with a newer, greener version, I’ll introduce you to the company I bought mine from: Fair Indigo.

Fair Indigo is an eco-friendly company committed to creating sustainable, fair trade, and durable products. Much of their apparel is made from organic Peruvian Pima cotton and dyed using the safest, Oeko-tex certified dyes available. Everything is designed in Madison, Wisconsin and fairly made in Lima, Peru. While most of their products are clothing, they also sell adorable stuffed animals and baby accessories that go with them, all made out of organic cotton.

Vegans Beware

NOTE: vegans take care—Fair Indigo also sells clothing made from alpaca wool; make sure to read the labels!

Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket
Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket

So, first and foremost, let’s just talk about how soft this fleece lining is. When people boast about the superior softness of organic over conventional cotton, they’re not lying. So now when companies try to convince you that they need polyester (albeit recycled) to create the soft, plush fleece inside of sweatshirts and coats, you know better, ‘cause Fair Indigo’s accomplished the same thing with 100% organic cotton.

It’s a perfect lightweight jacket for cool autumn and spring days, although it’s definitely not made for winters—or at least not a New England winter; maybe if you live in a warmer climate you can get away with wearing it through the cold months.

Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket
Fair Indigo Favorite Jacket

Although I’ve only had it for a few months, it seems to be very well-made, and I expect that I will be wearing this for years to come. My sister, Jordan, also has a Fair Indigo jacket (Organic Cotton Fleece Peacoat; obviously not as cool as mine) and it’s still in prime condition after a year of wear. I’ve found that it fits true to size, although some other reviewers say that the sleeves are a bit long for petites. The only downside I’ve found is that the pockets are a little small—my hands fit in them, but just barely.

Review in Brief

So, in brief (shoutout to all the people who browsed the whole post just to find this section; sorry you had to scroll so far), this jacket is:

  • well-made
  • true to size
  • super soft
  • perfect for autumn/spring
  • made with pockets for dainty southern-belle hands

So, this whole post has boiled down to one question: would I buy it again?

You betcha. I have now been secured as a permanent costumer at Fair Indigo.

You can find Fair Indigo’s Fair Trade Organic Cotton Fleece Favorite Jacket HERE.

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