Review- Blue Sky Fiber’s Organic Cotton Yarn

Review: Blue Sky Fiber's Organic Yarn

If you were to ask me what my favorite time of day was, I’d probably say sitting down in the afternoon to knit while I watch an episode of The Waltons. I love to make myself cozy on the couch and pull out my knitting needles to work on some colorful doll; my favorite pattern is Barbara Prime’s Pookies pattern. I’m always drawn to the most vibrant shades, and I love to combine different colors and stripe patterns to create a one-of-a-kind toy.

Before I became overwhelmed by an all-consuming desire to save the planet, one of my favorite things to do was go to the craft store and just walk through their yarn aisle, grabbing as many colorful skeins as I could. Once I became an environmentalist, I thought those days were gone forever (cue melodramatic music). I even gave up knitting for a while, thinking that the only yarn I could find was acrylic, conventional cotton or wool.

That phase didn’t last long, though; I found that when I sat on the couch, my hands craved knitting needles—and I just couldn’t ignore the twitching fingers any longer. So I took to Google (aka the only place a member of Generation Z goes when in doubt) and delved deep into the black hole that is the internet, which resulted in an exhausting and fruitless search. But after a quick inquiry of her own, my mom found Blue Sky Fibers’ (organic) Worsted Cotton and Skinny Cotton. Yep. I spent hours upon hours online looking for eco-friendly and/or organic yarn, and my mom found the answer in an instant (big shot Gen Xer).

So, anyways, Mama found Blue Sky Fibers, and all my prayers were answered. They had the soft, colorful, environmentally friendly yarn I was looking for. And now I’ve come to share them with you. Hallelujah!

Organic Worsted Cotton

The Worsted Cotton is super soft and easy to work with, not to mention it comes in forty-two delicious solid shades and seven equally pleasing multi shades. I went all out for Christmas a couple years ago and made Mom and both the sisters (and myself, of course) some cabled beanies with this yarn, and they’re the best winter hats I’ve ever owned. Not to brag or anything, but I’m sure this is also due to some fabulous stitching skills on my part. Want to make your own? You can find the pattern for it HERE.

Organic Skinny Cotton

The Skinny Cotton is also super soft, but not in the same plush-y way as the worsted. This DK weight organic yarn is what I use for the Pookie dolls, and I absolutely love working with it. I think it would make a great pair of fingerless gloves, but honestly, I don’t have the time for that. I will make time to knit some birds, though. There’s always time for birds.

Blue Sky Fibers is GOTS certified organic, and they color their yarn with low-impact chemical dyes, which means means us vegans can rejoice because no beetles have bled for our yarn.

So, what’s my overall rating on these products? Although I would give them a solid five stars, I might have to lower it to four-and-a-half, because the dyes could be more natural (always keep the bugs out, though!). It would also be nice if they weren’t so costly. But maybe that’s a mixed blessing; I may have a tendency toward yarn hoarding, and the higher price tag helps to keep me a minimalist.

Mama made this one. Want to make your own? Find the pattern HERE.

Anyways, now that I have solved this major problem in your crafting life, go crazy! Knit a doll! Crochet some slipper socks! Make a macramé plant hanger! Actually, that’s a pretty nifty idea. Have a fabulously colorful day everyone! I’ve got to go Google some macramé tutorials.

You can find all the shades of both the Worsted Cotton and Skinny Cotton on Fabulous Yarn and Love Knitting.

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