The Law of Attraction ~ You Want the Moon?


The Law of Attraction

I’m going to start today’s story about twenty years back, although when I think about it, it was likely brewing long before then. Probably back in the days of my childhood when a unicorn poster hung in my closet spurring all kinds of fantastical and whimsical daydreams. But this twenty-year-old memory is the most vivid, so we’ll start my story from there…

I collected the girls one sunny summer afternoon, and we set out on our daily walk. One or two of them were settled comfortably in the stroller, probably sucking down a juice box and nibbling on crackers, while I huffed and puffed from behind. I was inwardly frustrated and fuming, as I was sometimes prone to be. Engaged in just another one of those silent conversations with God where I questioned the sense of it all. The whys and the why nots sprinkled in between the consistent this whole thing is stupid thoughts. And even though I probably sounded an awful lot like a whining toddler, I knew God was listening. And like a good mother, I knew She’d respond…eventually. Perhaps She was only waiting for the petulant complaining to stop; She knows how hard it is to hear Her quiet voice over my own (very) loud noise.

Flying Unicorns

But on this particular day the thought foremost on my mind was, But why isn’t magic real? I imagine the girls and I had just come off of another fairy-tale-reading binge, and the notion of leprechauns and spritely elves was tantalizing. When the girls were younger I often wrote them stories and books as gifts, and they almost always (always?) revolved around a magical world. God could keep this crazy upside-down one; I wanted gnomes in trees and flying unicorns.

And while I realize that my question sounds silly, I was frustrated enough that I remember it now, even decades later. Because in a world that can make even climbing out of bed each morning a gargantuan task, I figured a little bit of magic could have brought some balance. And in Her all-knowing wisdom, why hadn’t God thought of that? It would certainly have made venturing out of the house with three littles a whole lot easier if I could apparate like Harry Potter and instantly find myself in the aisles of the grocery store. Or a twitch of a wand and the dishes washed. But no. The only magic I saw (on a daily basis) was how my family managed to take a meal that took me an hour to prep and make it disappear in three minutes. Magic…but not the kind I was looking for.

Accidental Oversight

I’m pretty sure I grumbled about this particular peeve multiple times through the years. Magic almost seemed like something that should exist, but didn’t. I was willing to grant God the allowance that with all She had going on maybe it was an accidental oversight. I get the feeling that it’s fairly consuming work to create a cosmos, but still, I felt like something vital was missing. Why did we seem so powerless against a world that seemed so strong?

So now let’s fast forward through those twenty years (having learned just a tiny bit more as I journeyed along), and I can imagine God was up there silently chuckling all along. And patiently guiding my impatience until I stumbled upon the truth of it all. The deeper and deeper I dug into the spiritual side of things, I slowly realized that there was no oversight on God’s part; this was no dreary and mundane world after all. And while there’s still no unicorn at my disposal for midnight flights under full moons, and no lucky leprechaun to grant my wishes, I’m perfectly okay with that. Why? Because God equipped me (all of us) with a much more effective set of powers. Luck? Who needs it when you’ve got thoughts. In abundance. More than we usually know what to do with, in fact. Magic, She showed me, IS real. If only you know how to use it.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction was kind of an accidental discovery for me. Couple my highly active imagination with an inner knowing that all shall be well, and cool things started to happen. More and more I saw that if I wanted something–saw it and felt it and tasted it–and didn’t let go, those desires would eventually become real. Sometimes through strange and circuitous routes–sometimes in ways even better than I’d imagined–but eventually, they were there. In the beginning I was impatient; if I wanted it, I wanted it now. I wasn’t interested in the wait. But along the way, I realized that half of the fun is in watching to see how they unfold; God is wildly clever and inventive. Clearly I inherited my overactive imagination from Her.

I was steadily learning that my thoughts created my world. Literally. So I started experimenting. Sometimes it was pictures on vision boards, but most often it was simply blossoming ideas, usually cemented in dream-weaving conversations. Some days it might be words jotted down on paper and hung on the refrigerator. We joke about it, but also stand slightly in awe of our supernatural fridge. It’s kind of like our own personal genie in a bottle. Stick a note up on the fridge and voilà, wish granted. Seriously, at any given time there’s a list up on that white door and it doesn’t come down until manifestation. Sometimes, even after we’ve changed our minds and removed the list, things still appear. I imagine it’s something like energy set in motion–it stays in motion until it reaches completion. Or maybe it comes full circle. But whatever the reason, we’re very careful what we wish for around here.

You Want the Moon?

There doesn’t seem to be a limit, in terms of both metaphorical and physical size, when it comes to the fulfillment of desires. After all, if I believe this is God’s law (which I do), then what is our most enormous wish when compared with the creating power of God? Minuscule, right? But granted, I’m not asking for the moon. (Although if I did, I wonder…?) Big or small, none of them seem to pose a problem for this energetic Law of Attraction that God slipped in place for us to use anytime we wish. You know, kind of like magic.

But I bet you want some proof; I know I would. Because think it and it will come? Yeah, right. World peace, please and thank you. (Which actually just made me wonder why I’m not focusing on that a whole lot more…?) If I had kept track through the years of all of the thoughts that have manifested in this house alone, I’d have a novel-length book by now. But alas, I was too busy marveling at the mystery of it all to take careful notes. But here are five of our highlights, from small to not-so-small…

Jordan, Riley Mae & Lucy
Little Girl Wishes

1. Years ago, one of the girls tacked “a lizard” on the vision board. (That board was a smorgasbord of little girl wishes; I wasn’t the only one experimenting!) To their delight, and just a little ways down the line, my best friend’s sister had to re-home her gecko. Lucy arrived on one cold wintry day with an enormous tank and all of her accessories. And lizard came down off the list.

2. I’d been needing a second refrigerator because our produce each week far exceeds the limits of one (five vegans eat an awful lot of fruits and veggies). At this point I already understood how things typically worked, and so I was just waiting; wondering through what avenue it would arrive and imagining my relief when it did. This desire was in the works for at least several months before Scott came home from work one night looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. Come see what I have in the truck, he’d said. On the way home he’d passed a fridge in someone’s front yard with a sign attached: Free, works. So he somehow wrangled this massive appliance into the bed of his pickup by himself (and yet it took four of us to get it down into the basement) and triumphantly presented it to me. It was more appreciated (and more useful) than if he’d surprised me with a diamond ring.

With A Sentimental Flair

3. I’ve wanted a big and beautiful farmhouse table for years. Simple. Long. With leaves. But (and you’ll start to notice a theme here) I’m loathe to spend large amounts of money on something that isn’t a necessity. And the cost of the tables that I looked at cracked me up. Are you serious? For something that’ll be scratched all to heck in the first six months? No, thanks. And then my dear gramma passed away in February, and the family was invited to go through the house and tag anything that we’d like to keep to remember her by. I tagged the table, which was long. And beautiful. With leaves. And now Gramma’s table is my table, all adorned with sweet and sentimental memories. Wish. Granted.

4. Solar panels had long been a dream of mine. But the thing was, I didn’t want to have to spend a penny. Which seemed ridiculous because they’re insanely expensive, but I was adamant. I wanted to save the earth without going broke. I thought of them often, up there quietly generating free power from the sun and making me feel like I was fostering the healing of our planet instead of it’s destruction. Patient waiting…and more patient waiting. Years, actually. Until Scott came home from work one day with very exciting news for me. A consultant had been in at a workplace energy fair talking about the residential leasing of solar panels. The lease cost would replace our electric bill each month, so while not technically free, it felt completely free. Good enough for me. Eight years ago the solar panels were installed and the note triumphantly removed.

If You Ask Me

5. Scott had always pined for a garage. Not having ever had one myself, I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was, but I knew he had his reasons. However, there was no extra money for something superfluous like living quarters for the cars, so it was one of those “someday” dreams. Like me and my panels, he thought about it often–probably more than I even knew–until that energy grew to the point of manifestation…and one was gifted to us. That’s right, gifted. A two-story garage that didn’t cost us a single penny. Not one. Can you believe that? Pretty magical, if you ask me.

So no, not everything is free, but it’s a pretty common theme. I almost feel like it’s part of the magic, something for nothing. Well, nothing but faith. And patience. And will. A lot of all three, actually. Thinking about it now, I wonder if that’s part of the reason why the Law of Attraction isn’t common knowledge. Maybe people don’t want to have to wait for something–especially when it’s a no-end-in-sight wait–when they can go and buy it right now. Instant gratification is pretty satisfying, but not nearly as satisfying as watching God at work. Not nearly as satisfying as my gramma’s table versus a mass-produced piece of manufactured “wood.” And even when God requires that we work together to bring a desire into creation, it’s an eager kind of work because I can start to see how it’s all going to fall into place. Perfectly.

A Happy Life

But I definitely need to note that my experiences with the Law of Attraction haven’t been limited to only material manifestations. I started with those simply because they’re easier to see and easier to document (pics or it didn’t happen, as the girls say). Plus, we live in a material world and perhaps as a general rule, people seek the fulfillment of those desires most often. But personally, the satisfied emotional desires have far outweighed the material, at least in terms of a happy life. My meditations for many years revolved around the prayer that one day I would be released from panic. I held on to that dream even when I forgot what it felt like to be fear-free. I imagined, for ten long years, the day when I would reclaim my life again. It seemed impossible. Yet here I sit. More peaceful than I was even before that long and twisted nightmare.

But even bigger than the emotional (and by far the most important) were the manifestations on a spiritual level. When I confirmed that not only does God exist, but that She’s attainable, my new fervent desire revolved around finding a teacher to show me the way Home. The waiting on that one was also long and sometimes desperate, but just like those solar panels, I knew what I wanted. And I wanted it badly enough that I held on through the storms. Right up until the day when God reintroduced me to my guru. And now? I’m Homeward bound. And still tenaciously hanging on to the “attainable” part until that thought form erupts into full-blown manifestation. This one might be the longest in coming, but well worth the wait.

All Things

To me, the vision boards and the notes and the thoughts are simply a form of prayer. And prayer? Just a quiet conversation with God. But why is She so eager to satisfy our small and unnecessary desires? Why such generosity when we give so much less? Honestly, I don’t know. Because She loves us? Or because She wants us to realize our inherent power? Maybe She wants us all to understand that She’s only as far away as the next thought. Or maybe She wants to strengthen our faith for those dark nights when we’ll really need it. But all things that the Father hath are mine does clearly state all–love, peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness and abundance. All. Things. Maybe it’s as simple as that.

Ye Shall Receive

I tossed this post idea around for a little while, not sure if I was ready to dig into this yet. I didn’t want it to be misunderstood as some sort of…bragging? Or that I was somehow blessed while others were left to struggle. Besides, it a pretty huge subject, with many facets, most of which I didn’t even touch on today. But I always come back to the thought that if others hadn’t been willing to share their stories and experiences with me, I can’t imagine what my life would look like today. Well actually, I can. And it’s not a place I want to revisit. Ever.

But what prompted me more than anything else was the not-so-small matter of hearing a whisper. I believe in signs; it’s frequently one of the ways that God and Guru reach me. And while I was still debating things one morning, I pulled an inspirational card from its little box and found these words winking back at me–And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive (Matthew 21:22).

Admittedly, some signs can be hard to decipher, but this one seemed pretty clear. And if God wants me to share my story, then that’s what I’m going to do. Because if you haven’t already harnessed your will power and faith, and tested the power of creation that’s already in you, I suggest you give it a try. Who knows what amazing things you can create…world peace, anyone?

Have a beautiful week, my friends, and happy creating…xoxo

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    1. Me too! I’d hoped by sharing I could inspire others to tap into that inherent power. The sky’s the limit… Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to leave your thoughts! 🙂

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