DIY Apron Tutorial


Whether you’re frequently in the kitchen, or are only there when you’re absolutely forced to be, a cute apron makes the time spent there 10x more enjoyable (we all think this, right? I’m not alone here?).

So, for you sewing-machine-savvy folks, this one’s for you!

But before we start, a note about the fabric! Most of my fabrics are thrift shop finds, so I actually used a bed sheet for the accenting green fabric on this apron. If you don’t have a piece of fabric this big, you might have to sew pieces together to get a piece long enough for the waist band. But it’s definitely not a big deal! So, for the ease of ordering fabric, you can just buy 1 yard of the main fabric and 1 yard of the accenting fabric (you’ll have extra of the main fabric). But if you have something else to use, go for it! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

This apron will end up measuring 32½” in length, with a 69½” long waistband/ties, and 24″ straps.

  • 1 yard main fabric
  • 1 yard accenting fabric
  • matching thread
  • pen/pencil
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • buttons (optional)
  • possibly a seam ripper
Cut from main fabric:
  • ONE 20½” x 27” (skirt)
  • TWO top pieces – download the template here.
Cut from accenting fabric:
  • TWO 2” x 25” (straps)
  • TWO 2” x 70” (waistband/ties)
  • ONE 4” x 45” (bottom ruffle)
  • ONE 2½” x 40” (top ruffle)
  • ONE 20½” x 27″ (skirt)
Bottom Ruffle


Take your bottom ruffle piece (4” x 45”). Fold ½” in on both ends and iron flat. Fold the piece in half length-wise and iron; you’ll end up with a piece of fabric now 2” x 44”.

Run a gathering stitch along the raw edge of your fabric (¼” seam allowance) and gather the ruffle so that it measures 26½” in length.

Two Skirt Pieces


Set your ruffle aside for a couple minutes and take your two skirt pieces. Pin them together, right sides facing each other, and sew along the two 20½” edges (when you’re done you should have a tube of fabric).

Attach Ruffle to Skirt


Take your ruffle and tuck it into the open bottom of the skirt. The folded end should be inside the skirt, and the rough edge should line up with the rough edges of the skirt (I like to leave a little poking out, just for ease of keeping it in place!).

Sew the ruffle into the skirt with a ¼” seam allowance. Now there should only be one open side of your skirt (the top).

Turn the skirt inside out and iron flat. Run a 1/8” seam along the three sewn edges of the skirt, still leaving the top open.


To finish the skirt, sew a gathering stitch along the raw edge of the top (¼” seam allowance) and gather to 12½”.

Set the skirt aside for the time being and move onto the top part of your apron.

Iron the top ruffle (the 2½” x 40” piece) in half length-wise (you don’t have to fold the ends in on this one), so you should end up with a piece measuring 1¼” x 40” when you’re finished.

Sew Top Ruffle


Sew a gathering stitch along the raw edge (1/8seam allowance), and gather the ruffle to 27½” long.

Next iron your two straps (the 2” x 25” pieces).


  1. Start by folding one end in ½”, iron flat.
  2. Fold one side up to the middle of the strap, iron flat.
  3. Fold the other side down so that they meet in the middle, iron flat.
  4. Fold the strap in half, iron flat.

You should be left with two straps that measure ½” x 24 ½”.

Sew a straight seam down the open edge of the straps, with an 1/8” seam allowance.

Top Ruffle


Place the two top pieces of the apron, right sides together, and sandwich the ruffle in between. The rough edge of the ruffle should line up with the rough edges of the fabric, the folded edge of the ruffle should be inside the top pieces. Pin as you go.

Attach Straps


Now it’s time to place your straps.

Mark the middle of your top piece with a pen or pencil, and make marks 2½” out from the middle mark.


Stick your straps through the open bottom of the apron top and under the ruffle. Make sure that the raw end of the strap is poking out of the top, and pin them in place.

NOTE: if you have a specific side you want to be the front of your apron, make sure you place the straps correctly! Have your chosen side the fabric on top (the one you’re looking at – NOT the one on the floor), and make sure that you stick the straps UNDERNEATH the ruffle inside the top before you pin them in place. This way when you turn it inside out the straps will be behind the ruffle.


Sew along the edges with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving the bottom open.

Turn your apron top inside out, iron flat, and run a 1/8” seam around the edges (minus the bottom).



Sew a gathering stitch along the bottom of the apron top and gather to 9½”.

Set this aside with your finished skirt piece, and take your last two pieces – the waistband/ties (the two 2” x 70” pieces).

Iron one side of each of these two pieces up ½”.

Pin Waistband


Find the middle of the waistband and the middle of the top piece of your apron. You’re going to pin the waistband and top together, right sides together, so that the raw edges meet up. The folded side of the waistband should be facing up, and remain unpinned.

When you’re finished pinning this side, turn the piece over and attach the second waistband piece in the same manner – lining up the raw edges and pinning, with the folded side facing up. Pin the waistband pieces together along the rest of the length and sew a seam along three of the four edges, only leaving the long, bottom edge open (the edge with the folded side).

Turn the waistband down, and the corners inside out, and iron flat.


Starting from the middle of the short side of your waistband (the end), run a 1/8seam along the long, top edge, and finish halfway down the opposite short side (the other end), leaving just the bottom edges of the band unsewn (the sides with the edges folded up).

Attaching the Top to the Bottom


Take your skirt and center it on the apron top. Sandwich the raw, ruffled edge in between the two waistband pieces and pin in place.

Finish & Trim


Complete the seam around the edge of the band (the side with the folded edge) by neatly starting and ending on the short ends of the band where you ended off last time.


Trim the threads and sew a matching button centered on the top (if you’re into that), and you’re finished!

I know, it almost looks too cute to get dirty!


For more of my tutorials, please visit my DIY page! And if you’re not interested in sewing an apron of your own, please visit here to see what we’ve got in stock!

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  1. I am not a sewer (sew-er, not to be confused with the sewer). I’ve tried. I really have. But it’s just beyond me at this point. I’ll keep trying. But this tutorial is wonderful Jordan! If I were a sew-er I would definitely attempt this! Well done.

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