Review: Miessence Toothpaste

Review: Miessence Toothpaste

Is it just me, or does everyone feel better equipped to handle the day after they’ve brushed their teeth in the morning? There’s just something about menthol tingle that makes me feel like I can face all those are-you-kidding-me moments each day brings. You know, those moments where all you can do is grin and bear it? Best to do it with sparkling teeth. But, being a die-hard health nut and a die-hard environmentalist, it’s crucial for me to use toothpaste that fits my ethics.

In an effort to avoid all the chemicals on the market, Mom (Melinda, for those of you unfamiliar with the fam) started making homemade toothpaste with baking soda and essential oils and all that good stuff. But seriously, who has the time for that? (Well, probably me, but let’s not get into my bad lack-of-motivation habit.) Mama sure didn’t have the time.


So now we use Miessence Toothpaste. To save time or cater to our laziness, who really knows?

Miessence toothpaste is free of fluoride, aluminium, detergents, artificial colors and flavorings. Actually, it has less than ten ingredients, all of which are natural—meaning none of those pesky words on the back that you can’t pronounce! It comes in three different flavors—mint, anise, and lemon—so everyone can choose their favorite. (Psst! Mom claims anise is the best, and Dad claims lemon is the best. Don’t listen to either of them—mint wears the crown!)

About Miessence

Now, the toothpaste itself is great, but what’s even better? The Miessence company makes sure that they’re doing their part for Mother Earth. They sum it up nicely on their website:

“Our supply chain, manufacturing process and freight distribution is 110% carbon negative, meaning we offset more than we emit. When it comes to our ingredients, no ingredient enters our production process before it has been officially deemed as certified organic. Our production facilities and offices are run by renewable energy and our organic and wild-harvested ingredients are extracted from certified organic land.”

Talk about being environmentally conscious! I think we need more companies with Miessence’s standards around.

To Sum Up:

Well, since the toothpaste cleans your teeth as well as any conventional toothpaste would, it comes in great flavors, and the company behind it all is sustainably sound, then I’d say Miessence toothpaste has earned a solid five stars. Have I fully convinced you to get some for yourself? Make sure to try out all the flavors to find your favorite! We get ours via Natural Healthy Concepts.

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