DIY Checkbook Cover

DIY Checkbook Cover

Earlier this year I opened my first checking account; being able to deposit all my funds easily into one place and keeping track of my own budget was just one of those little “adult things” that made me feel more self-sufficient. I feel like actually writing checks is becoming more rare these days (I write one about once a month), but me being me, I had to have a cute checkbook cover all the same.

So here I am to share the pattern with you all! It’s super easy and straightforward for anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine. I came across a couple simple patterns online and added my own touches, plus a fastener strap to keep it all contained!

  • light weight fusible interfacing
  • fat quarter of outer fabric
  • fat quarter of inside fabric
  • matching thread
  • 14mm magnetic clasps
  • iron and ironing board
  • seam ripper
  • scissors
  • pen or pencil
Iron on interfacing
Ironing on the interfacing

Iron your fusible interfacing to the back of one piece of the outer fabric, one piece of the inner fabric, and two pieces for the fastener strap.

1. Trace one rectangular body piece measuring 13″ x “7 ¼” on the outer fabric

2. Trace one rectangular body piece measuring 13″ x 7 ¼” on the inner fabric

3. Trace two fastener strap pieces each measuring  1 ¾” x 5 ½” on the outer fabric

Cut out the outer body piece and also the two fastener strap pieces, but leave the inside fabric uncut (this is just a tip to make sure everything lines up perfectly in the end!).

Marking the strap
Marking the strap

Take one of the strap pieces and measure 1″ up from the center of the bottom of the piece. Mark this spot on the back of the fabric (the side with the interfacing on it).

Attaching the clasp
Attaching the clasp

Take the non-magnet side of the magnetic clasp and one of the back stabilizer pieces.

Center the magnet over the X you just made and mark the spots that the prongs will go through. Use a seam ripper to carefully cut two small slits in the fabric and insert your clasp. Add the stabilizer piece on top and bend the prongs tightly over.

Pin, sew and trim the fastener
Pin, sew and trim the fastener

Take your other fastener strap piece and pin the two of them together, right sides facing. Sew along three of the four edges with a ” seam, leaving the bottom (the side without the magnetic clasp) unsewn.

Trim the excess fabric at the corners diagonally to prevent bunching, and turn it inside out.

DIY Checkbook Cover

Sew a ” seam around the three sewn edges and iron 1” of the raw end under.


Take your outer piece of fabric and measure 5 ¼” up from the bottom center (on the right side of the fabric).

Attach your strap
Attach your strap

Place the folded end of your fastener strap at this mark and sew it securely into place.

Attaching magnetic clasp
Attaching magnetic clasp

Next, turn the piece of outer fabric to the side opposite the strap (still on the right side) and measure 3 ¾” up centered from the bottom of the piece. Mark an X and insert the second magnetic clasp piece the same way you did the first; cut slits with your seam cutter, insert the magnet, put the stabilizer piece in place, and bend the prongs down.


Now you should have both magnetic clasp pieces in place!


Turn the two body pieces right sides together, pin, and sew along the edges with a ” seam allowance, leaving a 3” gap open on the side to turn it inside out.

Cut the extra fabric from around all of the edges, trim the corners diagonally to prevent bunching, turn inside out, and iron flat.

DIY Checkbook Cover
DIY Checkbook Cover

Sew a ” seam along the top of the two short sides. (See photo above)


Place the fabric with outside pattern down, fold the short ends up 2 ¾” and pin in place. Run a ” seam along the two side edges. (See photo above)

Finishing Up!
DIY Checkbook Cover
All Done!

And, lastly, sew one seam down the center.

Iron everything flat, and add a button to the fastener strap if you want an extra cute touch!

DIY Checkbook Cover

And there ya have it! Checks might be rarely used these days, but really, that’s no reason to have an unattractive cover 😘

DIY Checkbook Cover
DIY Checkbook Cover

If you’re interested in more of my DIY projects, please visit here!

2 thoughts on “DIY Checkbook Cover

  1. Nice Jordan! I can’t really sew so I’m just going to live vicariously through you. One day I’ll tackle sewing again. I even have room in the winter craft room for my machine.

    And congratulations on opening your first checking account! Oh. I only write about one check per month but I keep my check book with me. You never know when you’ll need it I guess.

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