Review: Tentree

Review: Tentree

What’s the key to surviving a frigid New England winter? Blankets help, and slippers are great; but most importantly, you’ve got to have a super warm, super cozy sweater. And when you’re looking for superior sweaters, look no further than Tentree.

Not only has Tentree blessed us all with eco-friendly, ultra-comfy hoodies that are perfect for campfires on starry nights or tea on snowy mornings—they also plant ten trees for every item you purchase.

About Tentree

TentreeTentree is a certified B Corporation, committed to creating a positive impact through their ethical clothing. Each item comes with a tag that has its own unique tree code on it, which you register online. With the help of some planting partners, they plant trees in multiple countries (find out which ones here) and make sure ten trees survive and thrive for every item sold, ensuring your impact. The trees planted help preserve ecosystems and absorb carbon dioxide; they also provide jobs to the locals in the area.

Tentree makes a variety of clothing designs–such as tank tops, pants, and dresses–and uses all eco-friendly fabrics, including TENCEL™ and organic cotton (always a personal favorite). They replace leather trimmings with cork, and make buttons from coconut shells.

Sweater Reviews

While I haven’t purchased much clothing from Tentree yet, I do love what I’ve got, and would definitely like to buy more variety in the future. I have the Burney Hoodie (you can find that here), and a crew neck sweatshirt (Unfortunately no longer available. You can find a similar one here.). Both pieces are made of organic cotton and recycled polyester; they’ve kept me warm and cozy on many icy winter days. The organic cotton is really holding its own in the comfort department, and the fleece lining is super soft and insulating. In fact, in a cold snap, I’ll wear the Burney hoodie every day.

Taylor is wearing a Tentree tank top (no longer available); Riley Mae is wearing the Burney hoodie; Melinda is wearing a crew neck sweatshirt.
In Conclusion

Tentree is one of the few apparel companies I feel really good about supporting, and I definitely recommend you try out one of their designs next time you’re shopping for clothes. They offer a great selection of eco-friendly and ethical pieces, and they truly care about restoring and preserving our Mother Earth.

So what are you waiting for? Get planting!

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