Dust City Woodstickers

Dust City Woodstickers 

It’s very important to all of us here at Follow Us Home that we work with companies whose ethics we approve of. We use Dust City Wood Stickers to print all of our eco-friendly wood stickers and here’s what we know about our production partner:

Do you follow all local laws and rules regarding working hours and working conditions for minors (including no child or youth labor)? Yes! There are no children working for us and we follow all US Labor laws.

Is there any form of involuntary labor employed by your company (including slave labor, prison labor, indentured labor, or forced labor)? No. There is not.

Are your working conditions humane? Do you provide humane working hours for your employees? (No form of physical/psychological coercion or intimidation against your workers.) Yes! Our employees are allowed a very flexible schedule and get to choose their hours.

Does your company enforce non-discrimination? (Including no tolerance for discrimination on the basis of:  race; color; ethnicity; national origin; religion; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; disability; any other characteristic protected under applicable law) Yes. We love all people at Dust City.

Where are your offices located? We are located in Denver, Colorado at 2170 S Kalamath Street. This is where our offices and production is located.

Do you do the printing in your own facilities? (versus contracting the work out) Yep! Everything is printed in house on our own printer.