The Team

Hey there, we’re really happy that you’ve stopped by for a visit! If you’re interested in the mother/daughter team behind Follow Us Home, then read on to find out a little bit more about what makes us tick…

Melinda of the mother/daughter team


Hey there, I’m Melinda, the matriarch of this wildly creative clan. Me in a nutshell? (Easier said than done with someone who has a shameless love affair with words…) Well, I’m definitely a country girl at heart, most at home among the trees and the flowers and the wild things than I’ve ever felt in the concrete jungle. Some of my most favorite places to be are: sitting at the seaside just before sunset; star-gazing on a clear, cool summer’s eve; puttering around in my gardens in the quiet morning hours; and hiking through the woods on a crisp autumn day.

My journey over the last half of my life has taken me to many interesting, unexpected, and sometimes painful places, but looking back I can see the value of each and every one. As I slowly journeyed towards a better (and healthier) me, I found that simplicity was key, in all manner of things. And as I learned the art of living a simple and clean life, my whole view changed and somehow compassion snuck in and took over my heart. Compassion for my human journeymen, compassion for my animal friends, and compassion for this amazing planet. So really, I guess you can say that compassion is what shapes my choices today. And those choices are what led me here, to share them all with you.

Taylor Lynn

¡Hola y mucho gusto! I’m Taylor Lynn, a community college student and Spanish major who delights in words and language. A small-town girl with a soft spot for pleasant cities, I’m a self-professed nerd with a penchant for singing (boldly and frequently, often but not always in the car), a homeschool grad with a passion for Montessori education, and a girl who’s trying to make the world a better place however she can manage it.

When I’m not working full time as a receptionist, you can often find me studying, meditating, penning handwritten letters to my friends, daydreaming about my next road trip, or getting involved in my community through volunteer work and as a member of the local Rotaract Club. Here at Follow Us Home, I put together a monthly post spotlighting a charity or nonprofit that my family and I love, and I hope you’ll consider joining us in celebrating and supporting these extraordinary organizations!

Jordan Rae

Hiya, I’m Jordan Rae, aka The Chicken Whisperer. I’m ‘the artist’ of the family; working mostly with acrylics these days I paint and sell custom pet portraits available in my Etsy shop My Rainbow Veins. I also enjoy creating pointillism pieces (which is most of what you’ll find on here) and I’ve done a lot of work with watercolor in the past! I adore vintage dresses, thrift shopping, my small flock of hens, photography, and black and white Christmas movies (actually, all things Christmas. I am the Christmas queen). I spontaneously burst into song on a daily basis (it’s not pretty, but it’s fun), and I will often speak in movie/book/show quotes.

During the long summer days you’ll find me out in the garden, and in the coldest days of winter I’ll be wrapped up in a warm sweater working at my desk (which is covered in paint and is always a mess of half-written letters, project beginnings, and spider plant babies). Follow Us Home is one of my outlets for creativity, where I’ll be making and sharing tutorials for some of the projects that I’ve worked on throughout the years. You can also follow me on Instagram here!

Riley Mae

Hey, my name’s Riley Mae, and I’m the youngest of the clan. If you ever need me, I’ll probably be in one of three places: at the kitchen table sketching mandalas; meditating in my room; or knitting on the couch while I watch an episode of The Waltons (for the thousandth time). Another important fact- I’m a bird psychopath. Some might say I spend an unhealthy amount of time birding–my camera and field guide are always within reach–and I’m well-known for frequently pausing throughout the day to identify a call or song from one of my feathered friends.

The only thing that rivals my love of birds is my love of plants–I’m wild about them. I’m in the process of turning my room into a tiny jungle, filling every available space with greenery, and the propagation containers have started to overflow off of my desk and onto the floor. (I rue the day when I run out of space for new plant babies!) My love for flora and fauna goes further than that, though- I’m a dedicated environmentalist and am always looking for greener options for everyday living. In support of that, I’ll be reviewing my favorite eco-friendly things from my favorite eco-friendly companies here on Follow Us Home, but don’t be surprised if I find a way to weasel some plant and bird posts in later on!