DIY Table Runner

We don’t decorate too much for the holidays, but one thing we always like to do is switch out table runners. It’s not much, but it really adds a pop of color, and they’re simple enough that you can make one for every season! The finished product measures 39″ x 13″ so it’s a perfect size for most coffee tables or dining tables.

  • 24 5” squares (this fabric that I used was thrifted, but BudgieFluff on Etsy always has beautiful pre-cut squares that I’ve used for other runners!)
  • matching thread
  • fabric for the backing and trim
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
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DIY Wooden Pumpkins

There are two types of people in the world: the first kind will want these pumpkins all over the house come the first of October (my mom). And the second will look at them and say, “How does a piece of wood look like a pumpkin?” (my dad). If you’re part of the latter group, these DIY Wooden Pumpkins probably aren’t for you (though I do highly recommend that you work on your imagination just a wee bit). But if you belong to the former group, then jump right in! They’re one of those projects that doesn’t cost much to … Continue reading